For your clients to be satisfied with the service you provide, it's important to put some thought into how and when you'll use welcome messages. Here we'll show you a few examples.

  • A welcome message is a good opportunity to clarify from the beginning that the client is interacting with a chatbot. Depending on what your usual customer profile is, some people who contact you may not be used to dealing with chatbots, so it is helpful to introduce what it is.

Hello! My name is [name of bot], your [name of business] virtual assistant.

  • If you like, and it is appropriate for your business, you can have a little fun with your bot's personality.

Hello! I'm Ariel, the Sirena robot. My humans programmed me to welcome you. What can I help you with?

  • You can also use this type of message to communicate to the client that an agent will respond shortly. If you're having any kind of service delay, this message is key.

Hello, how are you? An agent will respond to your request shortly.

  • Or, if you need to introduce your business, it's a good idea to say a little bit about it.

Welcome to Sirena, the company simplifying the world through conversational commerce. How can we help?

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