Sirena Bots is a chabot that is included free with all our plans.

Having a chatbot will save you time on repetitive tasks.

The advantage of Sirena Bots is, additionally, that it is easy to use and you can create one yourself, no programming knowledge needed. But on top of that:

  • It's friendlier than a form. Social creatures, we prefer talking and interacting that filling out a form.

  • If the qualifying questions are too much and the client abandons the conversation, your team can rescue the contact because you'll already have some information. With a form, that would be impossible. A client who quits in the middle is a lost client.

  • It offers relevant, applicable answers.

  • It reduces response times. In less than a second your client receives an answer, even when contact volume is extremely high.

  • With Sirena Bots, you'll no longer need a person to distribute contacts among your team.

What can Sirena Bots do?

  1. Respond to your clients.

  2. Distribute contacts among your teams and agents.

  3. Qualify leads and close conversations.

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