Does Sirena allow you to start conversations with potential customers?

Yes, with pre-approved WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger templates. It's the only way that one of your agents can start a conversation with your customers, due to the use of the WhatsApp Business API.

Can Sirena send audio messages? How large can the files be? In what format?

Yes! We support AAC, M4A, AMR, MP3, OGG, and Opus file types. The maximum file size is 16 MB, according to WhatsApp.

Can you send documents using Sirena?

Yes. Sirena supports sending and receiving documents in PPT(X), PDF, DOC, and XLS(X) format.

What is the maximum image size you can send?

The maximum image size is 5 MB, according to WhatsApp.

How many images can you send simultaneously through Sirena?

Currently you can send up to 10 photos simultaneously through Sirena.

What's the maximum video file size you can send?

The maximum video file size is 16 MB according to WhatsApp.

Can I set a status in Sirena?

Sirena manages online/offline statuses for agents. Statuses such as "busy," "working," and "in a meeting" are not available, nor are story format statuses.

This is because Sirena is integrated with the official WhatsApp Business API, which does not have statuses, so some features that exist in WhatsApp aren't in our app.

Can I have a catalog in Sirena like you can in WhatsApp Business?

Currently, there is no integration via API with the catalog feature from WhatsApp Business. It is likely to be enabled in the future.

Can I share my location using Sirena?

Currently, there is no integration via API with the ability to share locations. We recommend using Google Maps to share your location if desired.

Can I share contacts in Sirena?

Currently, there is no integration via API with the ability to share contacts.

What are the real differences between WhatsApp Business and Sirena?

Sirena allows you to respond to your business' customers from a single WhatsApp number, automatically distribute incoming inquiries, have multiple agents working simultaneously on your business' WhatsApp, have monitoring tables and reports available, generate reminders for your clients, upload quotes, record sales, and much more.

Why am I being charged for conversations if WhatsApp is free?

WhatsApp offers three versions:

  • Personal WhatsApp for user who want to talk to friends and family.

  • WhatsApp Business, for small businesses who need to manage a line for a single user.

  • WhatsApp Business API or WhatsApp Business Enterprise, which is a paid version and is what we offer through Sirena.

How do message templates work?

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger templates are the way to start conversations between your agents and potential clients, as established in WhatsApp's user policies.

These templates can also be used to re-establish contact with your leads after more than 24 hours have passed since the last interaction.

In the case of WhatsApp, templates are approved with Sirena's management. For Facebook, the approval is immediate. In both cases, the templates must comply with the following requirements.

How long does it take to approve message templates?

In 10 business days, WhatsApp will respond with an approval or denial of the template. Within 24 hours of an approval from WhatsApp, the template will be enabled to use in the application.

Can I manage my green WhatsApp check mark with Sirena?

A very small number of WhatsApp users can be converted to official accounts, because it is a process that is in WhatsApp's hands. This is not a Sirena decision.

Some of the requirements for an official WhatsApp account include:

  • 200,000 followers on Facebook

  • 100,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube

  • Have at least one social media count with a blue check mark (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube)

  • At least 5 videos on YouTube with more than 400,000 plays

  • Have a presence in multiple significant cities in your country, or in the capitals of various countries

Even if you fulfill all the requirements, there is no guarantee that the request will be approved.

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