What are the requirements for starting to work with Sirena?

Before starting the verification of your Business Manager, check that your industry is not included on the Facebook's List of Banned Content.

Did you check? Great!

To start working with Sirena, you'll need to create a Facebook Business Manager and verify it. That's the only way you can apply for a WhatsApp Business line with Sirena.

How long does Sirena implementation take?

When your Facebook Business Manager is verified, you can implement Sirena.

Does Sirena have a trial version?

Yes! You can create and access a Sirena trial account 100% free and with no time limit here. That way, you can dive into an ocean of sales and customer services.

Remember that this option is just a sandbox demonstration of the environment, so some of Sirena's features will not be available, such as adding your own clients.

Can I stop the service when I want?

Of course! Sirena is a monthly subscription service. If you want to cancel, give us 30 days notice to avoid being billed for the next month.

What type of mobile device do I need to start working with Sirena?

You can use Sirena on any mobile device with Android or iOS, except tablets.

If you'd like to use Sirena on a tablet, go to web.sirena.app and sign in with your login information.

Which browsers can I use Sirena on?

Sirena works on any browser. However, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Can I use my own phone?

Yes! You can use your own phone while using other apps at the same time, with no issue.

If I stop working with Sirena, can I move the WhatsApp line I set up with Sirena to another provider?

At the moment, it is not possible to migrate lines from one WhatsApp Business Official Provider (BSP) to another.

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