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How can I check my agent's Response Time?
How can I check my agent's Response Time?
Find out the average first response time for your team
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At Zenvia Conversion, we've come to understand that the key to successful communications for any business is instant response times.

That's what makes it so fundamental to calculate the average time it takes for a contact to get a response from one of your agents.

This report calculates the response time for the first message, whether its a test or a call. This doesn't take into account automated responses such as welcome messages or bot responses.

Plus, you can select a date an run a comparison to a previous date.

  • The average response time doesn't take into account your team's business hours. To find out the average response time for each agent, go to: Reports

Number of contacts per day

The average response time is accompanies by a graph showing the number of new contacts received.

This parameter is based on the time period you use, whether days, weeks, months, or years.

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