At Sirena, we have come to understand that the key to success in communications for any company is quick response times.

To configure Sirena's bots on your WhatsApp line, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Select your WhatsApp line, then the Sirena Bot tab to start setting up your bot.

3. Set up your Welcome Message.

Compose a welcome message to be sent automatically when the conversation starts.

4. Ask for basic data from your contacts.

You can ask for:

  • Contact name

  • Email

The questions on this tab cannot be customized.

5. Distribute your contacts.

Distribute your contacts to your agents and groups using customizable questions. You can add up to 9 options and take actions including:

  • Transfer contacts to a group of agents

  • Save the conversation

  • Go to a sub-menu to get more details

  • Return to a previous menu (in a sub-menu)

You can have unlimited levels of depth in sub-menus.

Customize Menu Footer

The footer is a default menu setting. But it can be customized as you want. Just enable the custom footer and write any message you want, include emojis or additional instructions Alternative.

NOTE: It is not possible to disable the menu footer

Unrecognized option alternative header

If your contact enters an option other than the ones you set, you can customize a specific message

Exclusive for Zenvia lines:

Customers will be able to see in their conversation a menu where, instead of typing an option number, they can directly press the chosen option.

choose button

This feature allowed by WhatsApp cannot be applied in the following cases:

  • More than 10 options or one of the options with more than 24 characters. A classic menu will be seen, in which the customer will have to choose a number.

  • More than 3 options or one of the options with more than 20 characters. A menu is sent to click and then the customer can select the desired option. In other words, the customer will have to go one step further, as seen in the image below.

sub menu whatsapp

6. Qualify your contacts

You can configure up to three questions to qualify your contacts, such as number of agents, items of interest, or tracking number for orders.

Once the changes have been saved, you can see how the Sirena bot willgreet, distribute, and qualify all conversations your business has with contacts via WhatsApp.

7. Tips for using Sirena bots.

  • Introduce the bot. Your contacts should understand that they are talking with an automated system.

  • Be clear about how many questions the bot will ask.

  • Use visual aids, such as clearly defined options ((1️⃣, 2️⃣, instead of 1, 2) or illustrative emojis for each option.

  • Give an "other questions" option for issues the bot doesn't cover

  • The texts of each menu that you create cannot exceed 1024 characters.

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