Next Important Launches

  • Invite users: 24 th August. 🗓

  • New Sign up: 26th August. 🗓

  • Sirena Bots Greeting, Routing & Qualification: 1th September. 🗓

Things you should know about the past sprint

Features under development 🔧

Sirena Bots (¡Almost done!)

Invite users through Sirena interface

⚠️These features are being tested and will be released soon. ⚠️

Next sprint finishes at 9/3/2020 and this will be the focus of our team:

Apps: proof of concept of Quotes App. Zapier improvements.

Communications: working on new marketing dashboard.

Conversational Channels: release Sirena bots (Greeting, Routing, Qualification).

Structure: finish with invite users feature. UI for Self Service.

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