Next Important Launches

  • Custom Fields for WhatsApp Templates: July 1st 🗓

  • Sirena Bots: first days of July 🗓

Things you should know about the past sprint

Features in Production ⚙️

New UI + Shared Inbox improvements

Bulk HSM (Upgrade plan and un unpaid bills limitations).

Change default values in templates

Now commercials and clients can see the proposal entering on a specific link

Autogenerated e-mails for integrations

Features under development 🔧

Sirena bots UI

⚠️These features are being tested and will be released soon. ⚠️

Next sprint finishes at 7/8/2020 and this will be the focus of our team:

Apps: Improve e-mail integration.Fixes on integrations and public API.
Communications: Allow users to work with Shared Inbox in son groups.
Conversational Channels: finish open variables for templates. Sirena Bot reporting.
Structure: Solve Signup issues. Feature to edit Working Hours.

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