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Transactional Messages with Zapier
Transactional Messages with Zapier

With Zapier you can send automatic messages without coding.

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In this example, I'm going to show how Zenvia Conversion can take a contact's details from a Google Spreedsheets spreadsheet and use them to send an automatic WhatsApp template.

1- To start, go to and create a Zap (click MAKE A ZAP) between Google Spreadsheet and Zenvia Conversion. In this case we choose Spreadsheet, but you can do it with any application with which you record the information of your prospects (Excel, Numbers).

2- Then, select what action you want a reaction to trigger in Zenvia Conversion. In this case, a reaction occurs when a new row is created in the template.

3- Choose the file and the spreadsheet you want to use in particular.

4- Press "Continue" and choose the latest version of Zenvia Conversion (remember that it is always the one with the highest number).

5- Choose the action you want to perform once a row is created in your spreadsheet. In this case, you want to send an automatic WhatsApp template.

6- When you press "Continue" you will be asked for an API code, which you must copy from Zenvia Conversion. Go to Apps and in the search engine put "Zapier", enter the application and copy the API Key.

7- Back in Zapier, select your Zenvia Conversion account and paste the API when requested.

8- Almost there! The last step is to complete these three fields.

  • For "Prospect" select the value "ID".

  • For "channel", the WhatsApp line or Facebook account from where the message will be sent.

  • And finally "Template", which corresponds to one of the message templates you already have loaded in Zenvia Conversion. If the template has variable fields you can overwrite them in "Template variables".

9- Press "Continue" and test the integration.

And ready! You can now send transactional messages through Zapier.

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