Next Important Launches

  • Transactional Messages through Zapier: July 14th 🗓

  • Sirena Bots: first days of July 🗓

Things you should know about the past sprint

Features in Production ⚙️

HSM input improvements.

Prospect list shortcuts.

Shared Inbox counters (not enabled for all accounts)

Import prospects to "Unnasigned" section.

Disconnect Facebook Messenger page.

Features under development 🔧

Sirena bot.

Transactional Messages through Zapier.

Message template catalog for Facebook Messenger

⚠️These features are being tested and will be released soon. ⚠️

Next sprint finishes at 6/25/2020 and this will be the focus of our team:

Apps: Transactional Messages with Zapier, MercadoLibre integration for another industries.

Communications: changes in Broadcast Messages and improvements on the Shared Inbox UI.

Conversational Channels: Sirena bots (UI and step by step).

Structure:billing changes and Shared Inbox improvements.

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