At Sirena, we understand how useful it is for companies to be able to send mass messages through WhatsApp while still complying with all the app's policies.

To send your template via mass broadcast, follow these steps:

1) Go to

2) After selecting the multiple recipients for your company's messages, the next step is to click the megaphone icon. It's the first one in the series of five in the upper right of your screen, as seen in the image below.

3) After you click the megaphone, a window will open that will allow you to choose which WhatsApp line will send out the mass message. Click "next."

4) In this step, choose a template to use and continue.

5) Next it's time to work in the template to set up the mass WhatsApp message that will be sent to multiple recipients.

You'll see a warning about a default value you'll need to add in case some client information is missing. For example, if the recipient's first name is not available, you could replace it with a greeting. "I hope you have a good day" would work.

6) When you click send, your mass WhatsApp message will be sent to all the selected recipients. 🙂

IMPORTANT: All messages are pre-approved templates, so they will have a cost, according to WhatsApp policies.

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