Next Important Launches

  • New interface (unassigned, buttons and menu changes) - May 13th 🗓

  • Bulk HSM sending - May 20th 🗓

Things you should know about the past sprint

Features in Production ⚙️

Now integration can work with transferred conversations

Chatbot recontact period after first conversation ended

Details of the plan and terms and conditions

Features under development 🔧

Automated replies for Facebook Messenger integration

Attachments for Facebook Messenger integrations

Unassigned section in Shared Inbox

Bulk template messaging

Facebook automatic messaging through API

⚠️These features are being tested and will be released soon. ⚠️

Next sprint finishes at 4/30/2020 and this will be the focus of our team:

Communication Squad: Bulk messaging through WhatsApp
WhatsApp Squad: Implement chatbot for Yalo lines. Select multiple pages with the same Facebook login. Create default greeting messages for new lines.
Apps & add-ons Squad: Release Facebook messaging through API. Implement best ways to manage integrations internally.
Structure Squad: Billing changes and fixes, improvements in Shared Inbox UI, Sirena Desktop app.

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