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Respond to customers who contact you via Facebook Messenger

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Zenvia Conversion allows you to respond to customers who contact you through your Facebook page or your Messenger Ads. In this way, you will have access to one of the most commonly used messaging platforms in the world.

To activate this integration, watch this video, or follow the steps detailed below. (Press ⚙️ to activate the subtitles)

  • Select the Facebook Messenger channel by clicking on "Connect page". You will be asked to log into your Facebook account and select your company's Facebook page. If after logging in, a new window similar to the following appears:

You should check the pop-up settings of your browser and ensure that they are not blocked, for that, follow the guidelines in this article.

  • Once the permissions are granted, you must select the group to which the Facebook Messenger conversations will be assigned.

  • By clicking the three dots on the right, you can enable more groups to receive Facebook Messenger messages.

  • Ready!

Your agents will now be able to start receiving queries from Facebook Messenger and answer them through Zenvia Conversion.

This is what the conversation will look like from the client side.

And how your agents will see it.

Zenvia Conversion supports texts, audios, gifs, images, audio, emojis and likes.


  • A Basic plan can have up to 1 WhatsApp line, 1 FB Messenger account and an Instagram Messages account. In Pro plans there is no limit.

  • Facebook Messenger message cannot be mixed with WhatsApp messages. In other words, if the same customer contacts you both via WhatsApp and via Facebook Messenger, two leads will be created: one for each conversational channel.

  • Just like WhastApp, only one channel can be assigned per child group, so basic plans can only manage a single Facebook Messenger account.

  • You are only able to respond to clients who contact you. You cannot initiate conversations.

  • Once the Facebook Messenger channel has been created, it cannot be deleted, although it can be unassigned to the group.

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