Whether a customer contacts you through WhatsApp/Facebook messenger or shows interest via some other route, Sirena allows you to automatically and instantly send a welcome or greeting message. This saves an essential step when it comes to managing this contact.

To activate automatic responses, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to https://web.sirena.app/manager/admin/channels with your username and password
  2. Choose any of your business channels (WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger): 

3. Once you are viewing your line, you'll see three types of automatic replies that you can configure: Welcome Message, Welcome Message for other source, and Away Message.

  • Greeting messages are used by default for customers who contact you through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. They are response messages for clients who initiate a conversation with you.
  • Greeting messages for other sources are approved templates to use in teh case that a customer comes to you via a channel other than WhatsApp (e-commer sites, forms).
  • Away messages are sent automatically outside business hours when your agents are not working (they can only be used to respond to customers who have reached you via WhatsApp).

Greeting Message: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

To activate a welcome message, click the pencil icon to the right, write your message, and click "Done."

Clarification: Facebook Messenger
You can send a customized template just as you can with WhatsApp, but for free. Although they don't need to be pre-approved, they can be cancelled by Facebook after the fact if they do not comply with criteria similar to WhatsApp's.

Greeting Message (other sources)

Configuring these messages is similar to welcome messages, but in this case you'l need to choose a message template and choose whether you want this message to be sent automatically for all channels or for some in particular.

Sirena will automatically send this message template via WhatsApp when a new interested customer is registered.

Away Message

This template allows you to set an away message for all agents who work in specified group.

Click the pencil icon to edit. On the next screen, you'll see three options:

  • Always send: use this when you want to send an away message whenever a customer contacts you.
  • Outside of office hours: this is the message that the agent will send automatically during the times you have set as out of office.
  • Custom schedule: you can set the times when the away message will be sent and compose the specific message. This message will be in effect for a set interval, one time.
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