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How to Create a CSV File for Bulk Uploads?
How to Create a CSV File for Bulk Uploads?
Ensure that your file is free from errors when you upload your database
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When a CSV file doesn't fulfill the necessary requirements to upload a database containing multiple clients, Zenvia Conversion will display an error:

To avoid this, follow the steps below:

1 - Create a spreadsheet with Google Sheets. This is a free tool that you can use as long as you have a Google account.

2 - If you already have a data set in Excel or some other platform, import your file in XLS format as a Google spreadsheet. We recommend making a copy of our template, available here.

3 - Once you have imported the file, ensure that the column headings exactly match the template. Make sure that you have followed the format for capital letters, lowercase letters, and spaces.

Below you'll find the headings for each column:

  • firstName for first name

  • lastName for last name

  • phone for phone number

  • email for email address

  • comment for any comments

  • interest for interest

⚠️ Keep in mind that for now, it is only possible to import one phone number and one email per client. You cannot add two or more columns for those fields.

⚠️ If one or more clients only have a phone number, add the column with the email heading and leave it blank. The same applies for clients who only have an email address and no phone number, or who don't have information for interest or comment.

4 - Click File > Save and select CSV (comma-separated value) format. Make sure you name the file so you can find it easily on your computer:

5 - Upload the CSV file to Siren from the from the contact panel, following the steps in this article.

Excellent! Now you can upload your CSV file to Zenvia Conversion 🤩

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