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What is a shared inbox? How can I set it?
What is a shared inbox? How can I set it?

A shared inbox for your agents

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With a shared WhatsApp inbox you can see all your group's conversations and assign them, send messages, make comments, notes, and even transfer conversations to other agents in the team.

Plus, each message sent via WhatsApp is visible in one unified inbox (All) that your whole team can access. Everyone will be able to see who is working on what, avoiding the need for client categorization:

On the other hand, with the shared inbox disabled, the view that is shown is that of the portfolio or private portfolio, and it is used precisely to individually manage the queries that your business receives. In the following image, you can verify that the unified All inbox no longer appears, nor does the list of your colleagues:


In the inbox section on the left you can see all the conversations assigned to you (You), unassigned conversations (Unassigned), and the total conversations for your team (All):

Further down, you can see each member of your team and their tasks individually. Click on any team member to see their open conversations, scheduled tasks, and archived tasks:

Plus, any team member can leave notes to help you better serve each customer.

To avoid confusion, all messages are marked to indicate which team member sent them:

In each conversation you can close it, schedule a reminder, or assign it to another group or user:

Important: if you transfer contacts to a specific agent, all agents will see that contact on the unassigned sections.

Also you could change the order from newest to oldest. This criterion applies for the latest operation:

To activate the Shared Inbox function

1 - Go to Groups&Users

2 - Select the three dots located at the top right of the screen and then "General":

3 - At the bottom of the configuration menu you can activate this function:

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