These are the things you should know about the past sprint:

Features under development:

  • Shared Inbox updates. Watch the demo here.  

  • Facebook Messenger updates. Watch the demo here.

  • Waiting, sent, received and read status of messages sent in WhatsApp for all lines. Watch the demo here

⚠️These features are being tested and will be released soon. ⚠️ Next sprint finish at 4/1/2020 and these are going to be the focuses of our teams:

Apps: Improvement of API flow and Conversational API and fix request from clients integration, release.

Communication: Shared inbox development and Q&A Testing

Structure: Front end tasks about navigation menu.

WhatsApp: Facebook Messenger updates and set up. New UI for Conversational Channels.

We believe in transparency and making our clients part of our roadmap development, that's why we're sharing our development releases and updates. If you have further questions or suggestions please let us know.

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