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Zapier Integration Example: Google Sheets
Zapier Integration Example: Google Sheets

Learn how to integrate a template with Zenvia Conversion using Zapier

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1 - Create a user account at You an do this with your email or Facebook account.

2 - To create your first integration, log in and click in the upper left where it says "Make a Zap"

3 - Choose the latest version of Zenvia Conversion, which will be the one with the highest number.

4 - In this case Zenvia Conversion will allow you to activate the zap  when a prospect is created, or archived, when a sale is completed, and/or when a message is sent or received.

5 - Choose one of the events. If you'd also like to activate other trigger events, just create a new zap when you're finished with this one by following the same steps. For this example we chose to have Zenvia Conversion send an alert every time a new prospect is created.

6 - To activate this zap, you'll need to log in to your Zenvia Conversion account.

7 - Once you're in Zenvia Conversion, go to Apps and click on the yellow "+" symbol in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

8 - Search for "Zapier" using the search bar at the top of the page and click on it.

9 - Add a name for the zap to indicate what type of zap it is so it will be easier to find in the future. You can also assign this zap to a specific group.

10 - At the bottom of the page you'll find the API key. This key is vital to activating your integration, because it lets Zapier know that your Zenvia Conversion account is connected. Copy the key by clicking on the papers icon. Then, click "Save."

11 - Back in Zapier, paste the API key and click "Yes, continue," "Continue," "Test & Review," and "Done editing."

12 - Now select the application for Zenvia Conversion to connect to through Zapier. For this example, we chose Google Sheets.

13 - Select the event that Zenvia Conversion will trigger in Google Sheets. In this case, it will be to create a new row in a spreadsheet every time a new prospect appears in Zenvia Conversion. Click "Continue."

14 - Log in to your Google account, accept the permissions, and click "Continue."

15 - You'll see a form to fill out. In this case, choose the spreadsheet and worksheet tab within the spreadsheet where you'd like Zenvia Conversion to store the information. You will also need to adjust the data so that the fields match in each app.

16 - Click "Continue," "Test &Continue," and "Done editing." A test prospect will be created. When this happens, click "Turn zap On."

17 - Check that you see the new prospect from Zenvia Conversion in the spreadsheet.

Done! Try this and the many other integrations you can make with Zapier and Zenvia Conversion!

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