This process just takes a few simple steps, do this so that messages get to your agents:

1 - Go to then select your business and the corresponding ad account:

2 - In the "Campaigns" tab, click "Create":

3 - Select the campaign objective "Traffic":

4 - You'll see the settings options below. Click "Continue":

5 - In the Traffic section select "WhatsApp" and your page. You will need to be a page administrator to continue:

6 - To complete the process, add the phone number you use with Zenvia Conversion, including the area code. For Buenos Aires, Argentine, it would be 9-11-xxxxxxxx.

7 - You'll receive a code at that WhatsApp number that you'll need to enter in the following screen:

8 - Click "Send" and you're all set! Your WhatsApp number is now integrated with Facebook.

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