These are the things you should know about the past sprint:

Features under development:

  • Setup for the new Public Zapier integration. We've been adding error displays in a user-friendly way, displaying better the data an fixing some features in order to met the requirements of Zapier.

  • Receive leads trough Facebook Messenger. We've been working on the platform to receive clients without phone number or e-mail.

  • Integration with The beta version of this integration it's gonna be working next week for the first 20 clients!

⚠️These features are being tested and will be released soon. ⚠️

Next sprint finish at 4/18/2020 and these are going to be the focuses of our teams:

  • Communication: Shared Inbox.

  • Structure: Change bill date. Changes in the layout of the app's structure.

  • Comunication channels: BSP metrics, inbound-outbound messages in Facebook Messenger, Message status for Yalo lines.

  • Apps: Follow up the status the integration, detect issues and fix them. Implement automatic messages in e-mails and others channels.

We believe in transparency and making our clients part of our roadmap development, that's why we're sharing our development releases and updates. If you have further questions or suggestions please let us know.

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