This function saves essential time when loading customers and prospects in Sirena.

Here we will show you the step by step, but first it is important that you know:

⚠️ Only forms in the CSV format with less than 1000 clients and with a size limit of 1MB are allowed.

⚠️ The file must necessarily contain email or phone number. You can use our template to help you create the CSV correctly.

1- Go to "Customers". Click on the + symbol in the lower right corner and select "Upload clients via CSV".

2- You will access the loading screen, where you can download the CSV template that will serve as a model to load your customers to the system properly.

3- Once your .CSV file is ready press "Browse file".

4- When you select the file, a new screen will appear, where you must place the origin of the clients and if you want them to be assigned as new clients to a specific group or directly go to the portfolio of an agent.

5- Choose the group or agent you prefer and press "Ready".

6- You will see the form with the clients to load for that group or agent. Press "Upload" to finish the process.

7- If there is an error in the form of the return, the system will warn you in the following screen.

8- Press "Done" to see your clients loaded in the agent or group you selected.

Explanatory video:

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