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How to find my Templates and Quick Responses?
How to find my Templates and Quick Responses?

How to access the text you need for your conversation in seconds

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In Zenvia Conversion, you can quickly find message templates and quick responses from each of your conversations.

For that, both on your mobile device and on your desktop, all you have to do is enter the conversation and type the "/" and all the templates will automatically appear:

As you type more characters after the slash, Zenvia Conversion will search for the template or quick response you need:

Note: If the template requires first and last name and the contact has only the first name, the send will probably fail. In that case, it is recommended to edit the contact and add the last name or edit the template so that only the first name is requested.

But what is the difference between templates and quick responses?

Templates are pre-approved messages that are used by both WhatsApp Business and Facebook Messenger in order to start a conversation with your customers or re-contact them every time the session time is up.

Quick replies, in turn, are customizable messages that you can freely create according to the needs of the company, either at the group level or at the user level, and are very useful to provide answers to the repeated queries that are received.

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