This panel provides important information about quotes that are pending, rejected, or which have converted to sales, as well as billings over set a period of time.

Quotes details by agent

Under the panel you'll see a list of specific information about how your agents are performing. 

Quote details by agent
This list shows data about the quotes sent by each agent.

There's valuable information for administrators here, such as:
Date: the day the quote was generated.

Agent: the member of the team who initiated the quote.

Customer: who the quote was sent to. If you click on a specific customer you can see the conversation they had with the agent.

Origin: which channel the client used to contact your business (Facebook lead ads, WhatsApp, website, etc.).

Status: pending client response, rejected by the client, or confirmed sale.

Total: the total value of products offered to the client.

Details: this field can be edited by the agent. They can add the product offered, the quantity, and the total value. Ex: 3 armchairs for a total value of $3000.

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