This panel provides key information about quotes that are on hold, rejected, and those that have been converted to sales, as well as billing over a given period.

On hold

Total quotes pending approval by the contact, in comparison with a previous period.


Total quotes rejected by the contact in comparison with a previous period.


Total amount of quotes approved by the contact compared to a previous period, shown over time.


Total of invoices issues compared to a previous period, shown over time..

Quotes per agent

This shows the status and total over a specified period.

Quotes details

This list shows information about the quotes initiated by each agent. This table displays valuable information for managers such as:

Date: the day the quote was created.

Agent: team member who created the quote.

Client: who requested the quote. When you click on each client, you'll be taken to the conversation they had with the agent.

Origin: which channel the client used to contact your company (Facebook lead ads, WhatsApp, website, etc.)

Status: on hold waiting for client response, rejected by the client, or confirmed sale.

Units: the number of products offered to the client.

Details: this field can be edited by the agent. They can add the product they quoted on, the number, and total value. Ex: 3 recliners for a value of $3000.

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