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How to send clients to a certain group

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Zenvia Conversion allows you to create distribution settings for clients who contact your business via WhatsApp. 

You can set these guidelines by going to Conversational Channels >WhatsApp.

You’ll see two options on the screen: “Assigned to:” and “Available for:”

Assigned to: this indicates the group you would like to receive new clients when they contact your business via WhatsApp. 

Available for: this option should always be set to a parent group of the group you entered for Assigned to. That way, any other child group of that parent can continue to work with the client if they are transferred.  

For example, in the previous image, the new contacts coming from WhatsApp will be served by agents of the group “SDR Inbound”. Nevertheless, the WhatsApp line will also be available to the father group “Brazil”, which allows the users of this group to use the line as well

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