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How to Create Message Templates for WhatsApp
How to Create Message Templates for WhatsApp
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Templates are automatic messages you create to start a conversation or to re-establish contact after the 24 hour period since the last interaction.

Get a better understanding of creating WhatsApp message Templates within the Zenvia Conversion platform.

To access your Templates, go to Conversation Channels and select the WhatsApp channel.

After that, click on Templates.

On the Templates page you have the options of creating a new template or deleting an existing one.

To create, select the New Template button and fill in all the information below.

In the Add Field button you can enter other variable information, such as: contact name and last name, Consultant name and last name, group name.

After that, click on Submit and that's it!

Categories of WhatsApp Message Templates

Since March 2023, Meta has been offering new categories of WhatsApp templates. From April 2023 Meta will automatically re-categorize existing Templates to fit into one of these three new categories.

In Zenvia Conversion the new WhatsApp Template categories are available for use.

The categories are the types of Templates you can create to get your messages approved by WhatsApp. And this approval can take up to 5 business days.

In the Category field you indicate what type the Template is. The Category needs to be related to the theme or subject of the message to avoid being disapproved by WhatsApp Business policy.

Check below the categories available in Zenvia Conversion to start the conversation with your customers:


This category is the most flexible type because it is not related to previously authorized transactions.

They can be messages for promotions and offers, welcome and farewell messages, updates, invitations, recommendations, or even requests to respond and complete a new transaction.

Examples of messages:

  • Thank you for your order! Use the code SAVE10 to receive 10% off your next order.

  • Hello, my name is XXXX. How can I help you today?

  • Our shop has moved. Now we're closer to you. Come check it out at XXXX Street.

  • Unfortunately you missed your appointment. Click here to reschedule.


This category relates to specific transactions previously authorized and must confirm, suspend or modify an existing transaction; change or update a transaction; notify an account, charge or payment.

Examples of messages:

  • Payment has been received. Have a great trip!

  • Your order has been sent and you will receive it on Friday.

  • Your password has been successfully updated.

  • You're running out of prepaid balance. Click here to recharge.

💡 Tip: All WhatsApp Message Templates need to fall into one of the categories presented above. Otherwise, your templates have a higher probability of being rejected by WhatsApp.

Reasons why WhatsApp rejects Message Templates

OWhatsApp requires pre-approval of templates to avoid spam, offensive and threatening content. To keep your messages from being rejected, consider the value your company wants to generate for your customer.

Other points to keep in mind are that the message should be less than 250 characters.

Within 24 business hours of WhatsApp approval, our platform will enable the Template to be used in your conversations. You will be able to track the progress by changing the status on the Templates page from Pending to Available.

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