This verification also allows you to demonstrate to your customers that your business is authentic. This allows any lead or client to be confident that the business contacting them is real.


A commercial account on WhatsApp can be classified as an "official commercial account" or a regular "commercial account."

Businesses cannot request or pay to have their "commercial account" converted to an "official commercial account." Currently, only certain businesses are classified as "official commercial accounts" in WhatsApp.

Classification of businesses as "official commercial accounts" is based on various factors, such as how well known the brand is.

WhatsApp lines integrated with Sirena are regulated as "commercial accounts."


At Sirena, we can request an analysis from WhatsApp to convert it to an "official commercial account."

To begin the REQUEST process, the client must fulfill at least one of the following requirements:

  • Have at least 200,000 like/followers on Facebook

  • Have at lease 100,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube

  • Have a verified social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)

  • have at least five videos on your YouTube channel with over 400k views

  • Have a presence in several major cities in your country, or in several capitals in different countries.

Note: even if you fulfill some of the requirements above, it is still possible that the request will not be approved. Facebook controls the process and the final decision. The criteria just apply to making the request.

To verify your WhatsApp Business account, send a screenshot showing your verified Facebook Business account and your Facebook Business Manager ID number to  

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