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How to perform Business Verification on Facebook?
How to perform Business Verification on Facebook?

Learn how to verify your business on Facebook to access WhatsApp functions

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Business verification is a process that allows you to prove that your business is a legal entity. It also functions as a way to prove association with your company to verify that you are an official representative.

In many cases it usually happens that it is not allowed to start the verification, if that happens to you you will see the button in gray, in this way:

Click here to learn how to resolve this.

Keep in mind that in order to apply for a WhatsApp Business line with Zenvia Conversion, you need to create and verify a Facebook Manager. Once you've done that, follow these steps:

1 - Go to and click on the "Business Settings" button in the upper right of the screen:

2 - Go to "Business Information" on the menu to the left and fill out all the information. This data must be completely filled out or the verification will not go through.

3 - Next click on "Security Center" on the left. You'll see a "Business Verification" box. Click on "Continue." If the button is not enabled, check our recommendations for verification and follow the steps to enable it.

4 - You must confirm that the information matches what you filled out previously in the "Business Information" section.

5 - When you click on "Next" if Facebook shows you options of registered businesses, choose "None of these match" even if one of the businesses on the screen is showing correct information for your business.

6 - Verify the legal name of the business. If the business is a partnership or is registered as a legal entity, just upload 1 document to verify the legal name of the business.

  • We recommend uploading a simple document, usually the proof of tax enrollment, if it matches the information on Facebook. This will make verification much more agile.

  • If you are a natural person with registered business activity(sole proprietor) or the business is not registered as a legal entity, please contact your executive to review your particular case.

7 - Verify the business address. You'll be asked for documentation to verify the business's legal address. For this step, we also recommend uploading your proof of tax registration, which will have the legal address you gave Facebook. Remember to just upload one document.

8 - The final step is to get a verification code. You can get one via email. You must use an email with the same domain as your website. In other words, if website you entered in the Business Information section is, the email must be

If you don't have an email address associated with your website, talk to your web administrator to create one.

The information will be sen to Facebook so they can evaluate whether they will verify your business. Although there isn't a list of specific requirements, the most important thing is that the information on all the documents matches what you submitted for your business. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • They may request more documentation if you are a natural person with registered business activity (sole proprietor) rather than a registered business entity.

  • The website must be working. If the website doesn't work or says something like "under construction" or "coming soon" it is very likely the verification will be rejected.

  • Similarly, the website should show the legal name that you have indicated in your application. We recommend putting this information at the bottom of the page, or if not there, in the terms and conditions. You can also verify your domain automatically: do it in this link.

  • The business verification is not associated with the verification of the fanpage. They are two completely separate processes and do not affect one another.

  • Uploading too many documents will slow down the process. Don't forget to upload just one document to verify the legal name and one document to prove the address.

  • If you are verifying the commercial administrator of a third party (eg you are an advertising agency, manager, etc.), please request access to your client's commercial administrator. Learn how in this article.

  • If you need more help, please contact Facebook support.

Once the documents are loaded, you will see this sign.

If you have any questions regarding verification, please visit our recommendations for getting verified on Facebook.

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