In the Account Status section, which you can find in you'll find important information about your plan and billing.

Plan Type

First you'll see the plan type you have and the number of users that are enabled:

In the above example, the client has the Basic Plan with 3 base users and 0 additional users.


The "Balance" tile shows the amount the client has spent in WhatsApp Business.

This value is the sum of all the initial messages sent and received by your agents. To find out more about this, click here and enter the section "See WhatsApp costs by country".

If you click on "SEE CONSUMPTION" you'll be taken to a detailed view of your spending. The table shows:

Date: the day the expense was incurred.
Group: the group the expense correponds to.
Description: the type of expense (initial message received or sent).
Quantity: number of initial messages sent or received by day and group.
Total:  this shows the total cost for these conversations. It is calculated by multiplying quantity by price.
Balance: this is the cumulative total for the month.

Business Names
This graph shows which businesses are using the service and the percentage of the expenses each will need to pay.

Payment Orders

In this table you can see all the Payment Orders together differentiated by business name. If you click "View" you can see the details of what each business needs to pay. These receipts are not valid for tax purposes.


At the bottom of the screen you'll see a link to take you to your invoices. These are generated based on the payment orders. These documents are valid for tax purposes and are final.

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