In the "Reports" section, you'll find various graphs showing WhatsApp usage that will help you to monitor and use this tool.
This report allows you to filter the data by date and user group. In the example below, you can see the data from the Call Center group over the last 30 days.

Reports by Line
In this section you'll see the WhatsApp lines you have enabled, the number of conversations initiated by your business, the number of conversations of initiated by clients, messages sent by the business, messages received, and the total cost of using WhatsApp Business for each line. 

Summary of Conversations Initiated by Clients and Initiated by your Business
In this graph you'll see statistics on who started each conversation. Since WhatsApp charges more for initial messages sent by businesses than for those sent by customers, it's important to understand this graph so you can evaluate what actions will increase the number of customer-initiated calls.

Messages Sent vs. Message Received
This graph shows data on messages sent and received through WhatsApp. A number of sent messages that is much higher than the number of messages received may indicate that your clients see your messages as spam.

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