First, to connect Salesforce to Sirena, the client will need access to the API.

Go to Apps > Integrations > Salesforce and verify your domain. This domain or link is the address for your Salesforce account. Once it has been validated, log in to the integration by clicking "Start Session."

Once in Salesforce, you'll need to give administrator permissions to Sirena.

Once there, select what type of information Salesforce will send to Sirena. Start by choosing between two types of information: leads and opportunities.

  • A lead is a piece of information that allows a sales agent to contact a potential client.

  • An opportunity is information like a lead regarding which an agent has already taken some action.

Both types of data are converted to prospects in Sirena. 

In the integration form you can also configure:

  • How frequently to search for leads/opportunities

  • Filters for sending leads to Sirena

  • When a lead/opportunity status is updated in Salesforce and which statuses of this information will be updated.

Customizable Information
Sirena can also receive customized information beyond the most basic information of name, contact information, etc. To request this, contact us at

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