How to receive and manage leads from Zoho using Zenvia Conversion

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Activate the Zoho integrate if you want:

  • A lead to be created in Zoho when one is created in Zenvia Conversion.

  • A lead to be create in Zenvia Conversion when one is created in Zoho.

  • A client to be changed from "lead" to "contact" in Zoho when you create a quote in Zenvia Conversion.

  • Any changes you make to a lead in Zenvia Conversion to appear in Zoho as well.

  • Any information you put in a note in Zenvia Conversion to appear in Zoho as well. 

To start this integration, follow these steps:

1 - Go to Apps > and select the Zoho CRM channel.

2 - Click "Start Session." You'll be redirected to Zoho's website, where you'll need to log in and give grant access permission to the CRM.

3 - When this is complete, the integration will automatically be activated. Refresh the page so that the changes will take effect.

4 - Don't forget to assign your desired distribution rule for the channel and to choose any other settings that apply.

5 - Finally, choose a name for the channel, activate it, and click "Save."

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