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An Example of Integration with Zapier: Hubspot CRM
An Example of Integration with Zapier: Hubspot CRM
How Zenvia Conversion integrates with your lead generation apps through Zapier
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In this example we'll look at a case that shows how you can manage leads from any platform using Zenvia Conversion.

For this to work, the app you'd like to integrate must work with Zapier. You can see some of the apps Zapier allows you to connect with here.

Example: how to manage leads from Hubspot CRM in Zenvia Conversion via integration with Zapier.

  1. Create your user account at You can do this using your email or Facebook account.

  2. To create your first integration, log in and click the upper right where it says "Make a Zap."

3. The point of this integration is to make it so that every time Hubspot creates a lead you will be able to manage it in Zenvia Conversion. So search for "Hubspot CRM."

4. Next, choose what "event" you'd like Hubspot to relay to the app you want to integrate. Select "New Contact" so Hubspot will will notify Zenvia Conversion of new leads.

5. Click "Continue." You'll be directed to a Hubspot screen where you can log in with your username and password for the CRM.
6. Now you can select Zenvia Conversion or find it using the search bar. Look for the latest version of Zenvia Conversion available.

7. Once you have selected Zenvia Conversion, you'll need to select the action that you would like the app to perform. In this case, you'd like Zenvia Conversion to create a lead every time Hubspot gets a new contact, so select "create a lead" and click "Continue."

8. Next, select the Zenvia Conversion account you'd like to use. To do this, you'll need to enter the API key. You'll find it at Apps. Search for Zapier and click the "Copy API key" icon.

9. Go back to Zapier, enter your API Key and click "Continue."

10. Now you'll need to choose what information the Hubspot lead you'll get in Zenvia Conversion should contain. This could be first and last name, phone number, source, or any other piece of information you'd like. In order for the information to download correctly, each field in Zenvia Conversion should be filled with information that matches Hubspot. 

For example, for the field "First Name," check what the equivalent label is in Hubspot. For this example, it happens to be the same, "First Name."

If, for example, you want the field "Country" in Zenvia Conversion to match the same field in Hubspot, you'll need to go through this same process above. You may want to download leads just from one specific country. In this case you would type the name of  that country in the "Country" field.

11. Once you have filled out all the information you would like to see reflected in Zenvia Conversion, your integration is ready. Zapier gives you the option to test it. To do so, click on "Test & Continue."
12. Finally, click "Turn Zap on"
Done! Your Hubspot CRM leads can now be managed in the Zenvia Conversion interface! 😀

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