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Integration of Zenvia Conversion App and Zapier
Integration of Zenvia Conversion App and Zapier

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Zapier is a site that allows you to easily integrate the web applications you use, making it very easy to automate tasks. 

With the help of Zapier, Zenvia Conversion can be integrated with multiple applications that streamline the management of your customers. Zapier works through events, which called "Zaps". A Zap or event is an action performed by an application that can be configured to have an impact on another. 

For this, it is essential that the application you want to integrate work with Zapier. In this link you can see some of the apps that Zapier allows you to connect to.

Note: It is currently not possible to use Zenvia Conversion's additional fields in Zapier.

To integrate Zenvia Conversion with Zapier you must follow the steps below:

1 - Go to Zenvia Conversion > Apps and click the "+" button to add an app:

In the search bar, type "Zapier":

Choose a group that Zapier should be assigned to, and after pressing Assign click "Install":

Note: Remember that contacts created by Zapier will be available to this group and all child groups.

Under "Act as" choose the bot, allowing Zapier to act as this user and for actions to be recorded on their behalf. This does not mean that contacts will be assigned to the bot.

Copy the API Key and access Zapier to finalize the settings:

On that same page, under Advanced you can:

  • Override Source: By default, the source will be "Zapier". If you want to change the source of contacts that come in through this integration, enter the new name in the text box. You have the option to apply this new name to existing leads as well.

  • Priority: By default, the priority is 1. Enter a higher number so that Zapier leads have a lower priority than others.

  • Add Distribution Rule: If no rules are configured, the integration will follow the group's default rule.

  • View generated contacts: See all contacts that were created by this integration.

  • Delete app: You can delete the app any time you want.

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