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Configuring lead reception

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Zenvia Conversion Radar allows you to completely customize the way you would like to receive contacts from each channel. To do this, you will need to create a new distribution rule.

  1. Go to Apps > select the desired channel

  2. Go to "Distribution rules" and click "Create new."

4. A window will open with options for creating distribution conditions. Click "Add new condition" and start personalizing your preferences.

5. You will see three fields with different conditions for each.

In the first field, you can select the following information:

Category, Phone number, Email, Provider, Source, Campaign, Company, Store, Agent, Manufacturer, Product, Address, Secondary Address, City, Region/State/Province, Country, Postal Code, Model, Detail (for insurance), Condition.

In the second field,  you will have the following options:

  • "Coincides with"

  • "Is not"

  • "Is any of of"

  • "Complies with the Regex"*

*Contact our Support Team to configure this field, which will allow you to create a personalized condition.

The third field  should be completed manually with your chosen data.

To make things clearer, here are a few examples:

Example 1

In this case, for field one we chose "Agent," in field 2, "coincides with" and in 3, the name of an agent. This means that leads from this channel will only go to the agent "Juan Perez."

Example 2

In this example we used the product type as the variable. With the condition "is any of," we are instructing the system to enter all clients who are interested in one of the listed car models into this channel.

IMPORTANT: for the system to be able to recognize each element in the list, they must be written as a list separated by commas without any spaces.

You can also combine these two conditions to make your distribution even more specific:

Once you have configured all the conditions you want, click "Next."

A new screen will open in which you can set each condition to have a positive or negative function.

Choosing "Assign" will activate these conditions. If you click "Dismiss" instead, the system will discard clients that fulfill the conditions you specified.

If you select "Dismiss," you just need to click "Finish" to complete the process.

If you choose "Assign" you'll need to continue on the next screen.

Assignment strategies

Once you reach this section, you have the chance to assign who clients will be assigned to.

Default: assigns clients using the settings established by the channel's parent group.
Group: assigns clients to the group you specify.
User: assigns clients to a particular user.

If you want to customize lead assignment even more, contact our Support Team about advanced strategies.

Click "Finish."

Here's what your newly-created distribution rule looks like! 🎉

As you can see, you now have several options which appear on the right side of the distribution rule.

From left to right:

  • See clients entered using this rule

  • Copy rule ID (for internal use by Zenvia Conversion developers)

  • Delete rule

  • Copy rule (this is useful for creating a new rule with similar conditions, for example).

  • Edit rule

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