The assignment methods available in Sirena are:

  • Manual (or shark tank): All the available agents will receive a notification at the same time the moment a new client arrives. The client will be in the portfolio of the first agent that claims it from the Unassigned inbox

  • Radar: The new clients will be assigned equally to the agents available.
    With this setting, the agent has exclusive access to the prospect during the selected period. If the agent doesn’t answer in that time, he losses exclusivity and a new agent is notified. If neither the first one nor the last one answer prospect, a new agent is notified and so on until someone answers the client-

  • Round Robin: The prospects are assigned equally to the agents, but they never lose exclusivity.
    With this setting, the prospects will be distributed to the agent who has the longest time without receiving a new client.

Note that the client will remain available to the agent regardless the time he takes to answer

To edit these assignment methods, please follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Settings, Groups&Users

2. Click the gear ⚙️ icon in the upper right part of the group you want to set

3. Go to Contact Assignment

  • Then, this screen will pop-up:

Here, you can set:

  • Manual (or shark tank): Enable Manual, and unable the Enable Radar option.

  • Radar: Enable the option Enable Radar and click the gear ⚙️ icon next to it to set the Radar options.

  • Round Robin: Click the Round Robin option.

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