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How to activate integration with this marketplace

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You can manage the leads that come in via your RD Station account using Zenvia Conversion. Here's how that works.

1 - Go to Apps > RD Station

2 - Click "Start Session"

3 - You will be redirected to the RD Station website, where you can select your business and give Zenvia Conversion permission to receive leads.

If the process occurred successfully, you'll see this alert:

4 - Close the window and reload the Zenvia Conversion page to make sure the changes take effect.

5 - Enter a name for the integration. Don't forget to assign your desired distribution rule and choose any other settings you may need.

6 - Create a channel name.

7 - Finally, the system will allow you to choose which information fields the leads that are entered into Zenvia Conversion will have. For example, you could choose the client's first and last name, the make or model of product they are interested in, or any other information you already configured in RD Station.

8 - Activate the channel using the switch located on the upper right of the screen and click "Save."

Note: This integration only works for RD Station Marketing, not for the CRM.

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