How to add a client manually

Learn how to add a client manually in Zenvia Conversion through the office version

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Manually registering a new client in Zenvia Conversion in the desktop version:

1 - Go to the side panel on your screen and click this icon:

For agents:

For administrator:

2 - Fill out the form with the client's information:

The "source" channel is a required field, it indicates how the client found your business. It is very important to talk to your manager so you know what option to select in any given case. If you choose randomly, the Marketing team will miss out on valuable information.

3 - If you are an administrator user, you must assign the contact to an agent or group. Click "Save" in the upper right hand corner.

Note: By default, this option is selected and allows the client to appear directly in the agent’s portfolio. By removing the selection and clicking on "save" the contact will be in the "unassigned" option.

IMPORTANT: When adding contacts manually, Zenvia Conversion will notify you if the contact is already registered on the platform, if you added it anyway it will not be unified and will be duplicated.

In the case of the contact being in an active conversation through WhatsApp with another advisor, instead of registering it again, we recommend that you contact an administrator so that the contact can be transferred to your user and you can communicate with the client correctly.

Note: To avoid errors when interacting with the client, it is not allowed to add two numbers per contact if they are two numbers with an active WhatsApp account. The field available to add a new number can be used to register any other customer contact number (work phone or other number without WhatsApp).

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