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How to integrate Mercado Libre with Zenvia Conversion
How to integrate Mercado Libre with Zenvia Conversion

Check how to activate the integration with this marketplace

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Leads that come in through your MercadoLibre account can also be managed through Zenvia Conversion. You can respond to all your client contacts through our app! Here's how this works.

1 - Go to Apps and click on Mercado Libre:

After choosing which group to assign the integration to, press "Install":

2 - Then press the "login" button. It will direct you to the Mercado Libre site, where you will sign in with your username and password.

Note: To log in to the integration with Mercado Libre, an manager account must be used.

You may be asked for a verification code, which will be sent to whatever method of contact you ahve selected in your MercadoLibre account.

Don't forget to assign the desired distribution rule for this channel and to choose any additional configurations you want.

3 - Finally, select the name of the channel, activate it, and click "Save."

IMPORTANT: this integration is valid only for publications for the sale of Automotive, Real Estate and Services. You will be able to differentiate this type of publications because they have the seller's data.

Product publications are not compatible, this is because Mercado Libre does not allow obtaining contact data with which interactions can be created within Zenvia Conversion.

Our integration with Mercado Libre only works for accounts created in the following countries: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.

How does de App Work?

When a question is asked in any of the published items in Mercado Libre, we receive an event with that information and create a lead in Zenvia Conversion with the associated question to it.

When you answer that question from Zenvia Conversion, you can’t send any other message to the client until a new question is made.

So basically, you will only be able to send messages each time the client sends a message or asks a question in Mercado Libre.

This is important to highlight because, for example, if the end client sends a message like:

- Hi good morning. I wanted to know the price of this product.

And the agent in Zenvia Conversion responds:

- Hi good morning.

The agent will not be able to answer again until the client speaks again.

Note: Zenvia Conversion supports only one Mercado Livre account, it is not possible to integrate more than one simultaneously.

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