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How to set exclusivity periods in distribution rules
How to set exclusivity periods in distribution rules

What are them and how to set them

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Configure the exclusivity period for the first agent with a new client

This allows you to define the maximum time  that the agent will have to contact a client exclusively. After that maximum time has passed, Zenvia Conversion will start to notify other team members that there is a client waiting. The first to contact the client will retain them (shark tank mode).

Default: 5 minutes

To change this setting:

  1. Go to the "Apps" section on the side panel

2. Next, choose the lead-generation channel whose exclusivity period you want to change.

3.Go to the "Distribution Rules" section and click the edit icon.

4. In the "Choose strategy" section, select the appropriate "Group" or "User" and assign the desired exclusivity period.

5. Click "Save."

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