Facebook Lead Ads make it easy to generate leads. People just need to tap on your ad on Instagram or Facebook to bring up a pre-filled form with their contact details, ready to be sent directly to you.

With the Facebook Lead Ads app in Sirena, every time a potential customer provides their information in one of your ads, it will be directly synchronized so that the sales team can act immediately from our platform.

To receive your Instagram Ads and Facebook Lead Ads in Sirena, you'll need to activate the integration in our desktop app. For that, follow this steps:

1 - In the https://web.sirena.app/manager/integrations, click the "+" button, select the Facebook Leads icon and assign a group to the integration. Then click Install:

2 - Start a session using your business' Facebook account in the Sirena app, this way you can choose the Facebook and Instagram pages you'd like to link to Sirena.

3 - Next, you can select which forms from your publicity you'd like to receive in Sirena. You can also assign the channel alternative names, both by user and by social network.

4 - Finally, click "Save" at the top right of the page.

In this video you can see each of these steps and their respective screens:

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