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How to edit a user’s information, role, and group
How to edit a user’s information, role, and group

Learn how to changing information after creating a user

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To edit information for an already created user, go to Settings > Users&Groups and click on the pencil icon corresponding to the user you want to change:

From here, you’ll be able to edit Name, Last Name, E-mail, Mobile number, Document number and Password. You can also choose de Group this user will be assigned to, as well as the Role they will occupy.

In this section, you can also configure your office hours which will guarantee that new contacts enter according to the established schedule. In additional, you can activate ou deactivate the option "Available for new contacts". Keep in mind that if this option is deactivated, the user will not participate in the distribution of new leads that enter Zenvia Conversion.

Note: Only the User Administrators can make these changes. If you’d like more information on the different users roles available in Zenvia Conversion, please visit our User Roles article.

To replace a user, it’s only necessary to edit the user information and add the information of the new member of your team. Note that the portfolio won’t suffer any changes at all in case the agent is replaced, so the clients will continue to be assigned to that user.

If you’d like to reduce your team or completely delete a user’s information, you can visit our article to learn how to delete a user.

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