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How to create users in Zenvia Conversion
How to create users in Zenvia Conversion

Add your agents so they can use Zenvia Conversion

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It's time to create your users. To do this, find the Settings icon at the bottom of the panel on the left side of your screen and select the "Users and Teams" option.

Next, click the "+" sign that you will see in the lower right-hand corner.

Select the team you would like the user to belong to.

You will not be able to repeat e-mail or cell phone of any existing user.

Input the user's information and the role you would like to assign them to. If the user has an ID in other systems that are integrated with Zenvia Conversion, include it in "External User ID".

NOTE: Depending on your plan, each additional user may have a cost according to the plan you contracted.

If you reached the limit of included users and you agree with the price of each additional user, press ''save'' to finish and that's it!

Well done! You have created your first user :)

If you wish to edit an existing user, please review the steps to edit or replace a user.

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