Notifications may not work on some Huawei cell phones.

For cell phones using the latest version of Android:

To access the energy settings section and enable automatic notifications on a Huawei cell phone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to system settings.
  2. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and go to Battery settings.
  3. Go to the protected apps options.

On this screen you can choose which apps can operate. The system will tell you which apps are "Power-intensive" (meaning they use more battery power). If this is the case for Sirena, enable the option.

Clarification: the solution above has worked for many Huawei smartphones, including the Huawei Honor 7, Mate 8, and P9 Lite. If this solution does not apply to your phone, try the following:

Download and install "Quick Sync Settings" from the Google Play Store on your Huawei phone. 

Go to Settings-> Accounts -> Google -> Enable app information syncing. Now Siren'a push notifications will work even when the app is closed. 

Share notifications in EMUI 8 or EMUI 9 (Android Oreo and Android PIE  EMUI versions)

On your Huawei phone, go to Settings -> Battery -> Start -> [Sirena].

On this menu, each app has a slider switch, which you should disable to be able to change the settings manually.

You will see the following options:

  • Automatic launch
  • Secondary launch
  • Background operation

Enable the "Background operation"  option for Sirena.

Method 2

To fix push notifications in Huawei P9: if the above method doesn't work, try thuis:

Go to: Settings -> Applications - > WhatsApp -> Battery -> Keep running when screen is off. Enable this setting.

You can also check here that background data is enabled for applications:

Settings -> Applications -> Sirena -> Data use -> Background data -> Activate.

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