We are the only official WhatsApp CRM that helps businesses to centralize and improve their communications with customers through the most widely used instant messaging app in the world.

To start, if you are an Administrator user, we recommend the following 10 steps:

1 - Watch the training videos of this series on our Youtube Channel:

2 - Add your teams to Zenvia Conversion.

3 - Set up the Zenvia Conversion Bot in less than 10 minutes.

4 - Choose if you want your groups to have the shared or exclusive conversation inbox.

5 - Learn how to request templates to use in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and what are the important guidelines to keep in mind when requesting them.

6 - Create quick response templates for each group or user in your business.

7 - Integrate your channels to receive messages.

8 - Associate your Facebook and Instagram advertising account to Zenvia Conversion.

9 - Activate Facebook Messenger and Instagram to your Zenvia Conversion account.

10 - Review the steps to install a WhatsApp button on your website.

If you are an Agent user, we recommend that you see the following 5 steps:

1 - Watch the training videos of this series on our Youtube Channel:

2 - Find out how to add a customer manually.

3 - Learn how to submit quick response templates and how to upload new ones.

4 - Know the differences between pre-approved template and quick response template.

5 - Do a search for clients in your contact portfolio.

Do you still have questions? You can find more answers using the search bar at the top of this page:

Or contact the Support Team.

Don't forget to bookmark this access link to Zenvia Conversion as a ⭐️ favorite. Still don't have the App on your phone? Download it right now for Android or IOS.

Finally, we invite you to participate in our fortnightly live webinar (we will inform you within the app so you can access and register) where we give you a quick summary of Zenvia Conversion and answer questions about its use and features.

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