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CSV file: How to convert XLS files to CSV files
CSV file: How to convert XLS files to CSV files

How to convert your spreadsheet to a file that Zenvia Conversion can process

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A CSV (comma-separated values) file is a file type that allows you easily store a large quantity of data.

At Zenvia Conversion we use CSV files to export information from our Reports, Contacts and Activities panels.

How do you read a CSV file?

CSV files can be read using programs like Excel or Google Sheets and the first step is to download the CSV file you want from the Zenvia Conversion desktop application.

Example from the Contacts Panel:

Once you have your CSV file, you can open it in any spreadsheet program and start working with the data.

To learn how to open it with Excel by clicking here or you can do the same with Google Sheets, by clicking here.

How to convert XLS files to CSV files

To make this conversation, you must access this site. Select "choose file" and press "Convert Now".

That's all! You will download a CSV file that can be processed by Zenvia Conversion.

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