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How to delete users in Zenvia Conversion
How to delete users in Zenvia Conversion
Learn how to remove users in Zenvia Conversion
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To delete a user in Zenvia Conversion, go to Settings > Groups and Users and Click on the trash can icon corresponding to the user you want to delete.

If the user to be deleted has contacts in his portfolio, Zenvia Conversion will display the following image:

1 - By clicking on "Delete all" the contacts in that user's portfolio will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

2 - By clicking on "Transfer portfolio" you will be able to choose if you want a group or user to receive this contact portfolio.

Note: If you transfer the portfolio directly to an agent, the contacts will remain in the same status they were before (new, follow-up, or closed). If you transfer the portfolio to a group, the status of the clients will be New and they will appear open in the Unassigned inbox, which means that the agent will have to close these contacts manually, if desired.

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