Correctly distributing the information Zenvia Conversion receives among the available agents in the group the app prompts to respond is key for successful customer service.

To that end, we have several distribution systems:

Shark tank: All available agents receive a notification at the same time every time a new client is created. The client stays in the portfolio of the first agent to respond.

To configure an app with this rule, click on the edit button and slide the notification time to 0 minutes (all agents). Save the change and then click Save in the upper right corner of the main page of the app.

Radar mode:  New clients are equally distributed among available agents as they come in. With this setting, an agent only has access to the prospect for a pre-set period of time. If they don't respond in time, they lose exclusivity and the next agent is notified. If this person also fails to respond in time, a third agent is notified, and so on until all agents have been notified or someone claims the new client.

To use this setting, click on the edit button on the distribution rule and slide the notification time to whatever time best fits your team. The available times are 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 5 minutes.

Exclusive radar mode: Information is equally distributed among agents, but they never lose exclusivity. With this setting, new clients will be distributed as they arrive and will be assigned to the agent who has gone the longest without being assigned a new client. Remember that the client will remain available for that agent regardless of how long the agent takes to respond. To set up this setting, choose the Exclusive (1 agent per client) setting.

User direct: If you'd like all new clients to be assigned directly to an available user, click on edit and designate the user in the Choose strategy section. This method is particularly useful when you want a manager to receive the leads and manually transfer them to the rest of the team, for example when you want certain prospects to be served by the best agents.

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