How to set my Apps
Create, manage, and configure all your integrations
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This app was created so administrators can do channel integrations. You can also edit groups, change the names of sources, and even find how many and which clients have entered via a given channel in a certain period of time.

To access the interface, go to Apps:

In this section you can:

  • See which group each app is in.

  • See its status over the last 10 minutes (No problem, problems found, On hold, Off, Information Missing).

  • Copy the API key.

  • Filter apps by status.

  • Search for apps by name, SPI key, or ID. 

On the same screen you'll be able to create a new app by clicking on the + button located on the lower right. You can also:

  • See all the apps you can create.

  • Filter them by name.

You can see the channel creation screen by clicking. Each channel has a different configuration. For example, this is what an email app looks like:

In the creation screen you can:

  • Configure each app with information from an external provider so that it will work (keep in mind that each channel will have a different configuration, so you may need help from Zenvia Conversion support to finish setting the more technical configurations).

  • Choose the group that leads from this app will be assigned to.

  • Add notes, change the name, or disable/enable the channel. 

Clarification: app can be created even without having the configuration loaded. They will appear in the list of apps with the status "No information provided." Once it is configured and working, the status will change to "OK." If something goes wrong, you will see the status "Error."

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