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Visit and Test Drive reports
Visit and Test Drive reports

Appointments and Test Drives

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To create these reports, you must activate the Visit and Test Drive reports following the next steps:

1.- Go to apps and click in the + symbol located at the bottom right corner of the screen

2.- Click Show All and scroll down until you find Visits. Click it.

3.- Follow the steps 1.- and 2.- to select Test Drive

Once done this, you’ll be able to see the Visits reports, and the Test Drive reports

This report is not taken by cohort, so it allows you to see some actions performed by the groups in real-time. In other words, if an agent made an appointment today for a client who was generated a month ago, you could filter for "today" to see the day's schedule. 

⚠️ Attention: the reminders are saved in the time zone of the account and not of the user, so there may be differences when both are not equal.

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